My hospital bed is 12 years old, it is a total electric)whole bed raises & lowers). It still in working condition.
However my old mattress is worn out, gel is harden lumps.
Doc wrote Rx for new mattress and Group 1 support surface sending to local DME that they and home health use.
DME called concerned about size 42"x 79" asking if barbaric bed plus my height and weight. My height last time measured use to be 5'11" and weight 232lbs.
Explained I'd lost weight since 12 years ago.
DME ask if old bed was purchased though Medicare, which it was. Then they said they would call me back that don't know if could fill order.
Anyone have this type problem?
Will I need get Rx for a new regular size hospital bed?
Will Medicare cover total electric for doing transfers?

New Rehab chair the DME said they were refering to a DME in city that they don't hand those here. So, don't know what happen with it.