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Thread: Wheel Offset Contour Slide Board

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    Wheel Offset Contour Slide Board

    Ok after 17 years of usuing the same slide board I left rehab with which I assume is/was the standard board. My wife talked me into trying a new board. This one is called an offset contour board that is suppose to cover the tire when doing a transfer. The only thing is I have no idea how I am supposed to use it. Did a youtube search for it and came up with nothing. So have any of you used this type of board? Or do any of you know of a video that shows how to use the board? If so, can you share them with me or tell me how to use the damn thing.

    Thanks in advance

    Nevada AKA Charles

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    If it's this thing, the 4th picture down on the left, shows how you position it between bed and chair. Not real sure I see the benefit of this thing, a non-level xfer might be a pain.

    e.t.a. I use an ultraslick board, they are a composite board, and way thinner than a solid wood board, with the same load carrying capacity. Has a slick top layer too.
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    $85, soo ridiculous

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    McDuff thanks for the link I sort of figured it out yesterday. I developed a nasty scrape type sore from the sharp edges of the regular type board so I thought that this might help prevent that from happening again. Jim I paid $52 for it. I don't think it is going to work for vehicle transfers but seems to work for chair to bed

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