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Thread: Low Blood Pressure Meds Experiences

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    Low Blood Pressure Meds Experiences

    I have been taking Fludrocortisone for several years. It was never super effective, but seems to be losing even that. Good news is that there wasn't much side effects. We are now exploring other options. Could you all post experiences you have had with different meds. Midodrine seems to be the standard bearer. But, the other options are Pyridostigmine and the new Droxidopa (Northera). The latter would be pretty expensive, but totally worth it if was effective and without big downsides.
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    I took midodren for years. Small dose, one 5mg tablet per day. I got to where I didn't need it and stopped about 6 months ago. I seemed to have no side effects from taking it or from stopping abruptly.

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