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Thread: Disabled people as a crucial voting bloc ??????

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    Disabled people as a crucial voting bloc ??????

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    I think the disability signs in the photo were photo-shopped. THAT's how much of a voting bloc we are. I'll read the article later, but I doubt there's anything there's anything there that would convince me that all of the sophisticated and expensive pollsters that politicians hire have somehow failed to recognize and capitalize on the "disabled vote." FFS most people who are definitionally "disabled" don't identify as being disabled. Don't get me started.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen212 View Post
    ... FFS most people who are definitionally "disabled don't identify as being disabled. Don't get me started.
    I resemble that remark. I'm about the most 'ableist' disabled person I know. I'm working on it.
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    Nah, I'd argue many, if not most, disabled folk can't be pissed to make the trek to vote, especially when voting centers are not always set up for accessibility. And especially with increasing voter restrictions. Until mail-in ballots are a widespread option, no, I don't think we'll muster the numbers to be a bloc, no less a "crucial" one.

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    Are more Democrats disabled than Republicans? In this hostile partisan environment we live in, doubt there is any legislation that PWDs will have an impact on. Are people with disabilities less polarized than the general population and agree on anything, even disabled issues?

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