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Thread: Axiobionics vs other wearable ems

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    Axiobionics vs other wearable ems

    Does anyone have any input about axibionics wearables vs other wearables? My son Connor is really suffering with nerve pain in his legs to the point the FES bike is very difficult to use. I have seen some people mention the effectiveness of these devices for pain and muscle gain. I looked in the forum and found a couple posts but most are older. Any input would be appreciated. Here are the ones someone posted earlier

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    I am am guy but I have had some success with the products below. I have 1 controller that operates them all and charges in the wall so you don't need to purchase more than one controller. The replacement pads are available as well as the devices on Amazon.

    This one is actually a pair of shorts and are tough for me to get on and off.

    This one is a belt type design and easier to put on.

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