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Thread: Need more durable wheelchair gloves

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    Need more durable wheelchair gloves

    I have used ADI gloves for years. I like them but wear them out very quickly. The contact areas in the palms are made of the same very thin and soft leather used on the backside of the glove. I am a C7 with no hand grip strength, so I push with my palms. I use Q-grip pushrims. Compared to other options I've tried they provide good grip and are quite durable. My last set of Q-grips lasted four years.
    If I only pushed, I think the gloves would last quite awhile. But my daily roll around the neighborhood includes a couple of hills, up and down. One is a little steeper than the ADA limit and it's about 100 feet long. The other is not quite that steep but it's more like 500 feet long. The downhill rides wear out the gloves.
    Back when I could buy ADI gloves directly from ADI they were priced pretty reasonably. But they are almost $60 these days, and I'm planning to order pairs of several other brands and give them another try. For those of you who use gloves, what do you recommend?

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    Check the web site.
    I use to use leather mittens.

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    I am a C6/7 and I use the mechanic gloves from Harbor Frieght that have the leather palms. I cut the fingers off at the first joint so I have them available for what work I need them to do. They last me quite a while and at a cost of less than $10 I can replace them whenever they wear out

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    I use these PETZL rock climbing gloves:

    I've used them for years. They last way longer than anything else I've tried. I use them year round, but they're particularly good in warmer months because they breathe pretty well. For prolonged use in cold weather, I would look for a set without the breathable material on the back of the hand.

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    I use Neuman football gloves. They last 4 times longer.

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    Harbinger Men's Pro Weightlifting Gloves

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    Hi, I'm C6/7 complete and used as a customer for 5 years before my husband and I bought the company in 2013. The lifespan of the gloves really varies from user to user but mine have always lasted me roughly 3-5 months. If you have any questions feel free to email me at or ask here.

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