Is there a wheelchair transport service or cab company in Tampa that can take you and your chair that you can actually call like a regular taxi cab without setting up transport in advance? I have done this in Chicago before.
I have the Permobil M5 power chair with tilt and recline. I haven't transferred into a regular vehicle in 20 years and frankly don't know how I would accomplish it without damaging myself. Here's what happened a month or 2 ago.
I wasn't sure which forum to post this in. Apologies if I'm not in the right forum. I travel to Sarasota Florida a fair bit. Typically when I fly to Florida, I have someone get my minivan, which is in Sarasota, drive the hour drive to Tampa and pick me up at the Tampa airport. The last time I flew, I arrived and received several voicemails my friend saying that my van battery was dead, they could not get it running and that AAA could not get the existing bad battery out. In other words I was marooned an hour away from my final destination and it was a Saturday at 4:30. So most wheelchair transport companies were closed for the weekend. I got lucky, there happened to be an accessible SuperShuttle at the airport at that time. I don't think that is the norm and I don't know that they would be able to get a shuttle for me spur of the moment like that again.
In any case, I have tried calling several cab companies. Both United Cab and Yellow Cab refer to wheelchair accessible transport on their sites. United said that I have to reserve 24 hours before. When I called Yellow and started asking about their vehicles I got someone who did not know about their accessible services? I will call them back.
In the meantime does anyone have any suggestions? And, if I do find an accessible cab company, does anyone know of one that would do the hour drive to Sarasota?
Thank you very much,