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Thread: MRI findings

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    Did they drain some spinal fluid off to bring the pressure down? They'll probably put you on diuretics to help get rid of the extra fluid. Watch your salt intake...less is better. Dizziness is something that goes along with IIH, ringing in your ears is another one. The vision changes is the biggest thing to watch for...double vision and/or temporary gray out's are things to watch out for and report to your docs if they happen. Your neuro-opth will do some visual field tests..if you drive, blind spots can get bigger with IIH...something to be aware of. They'll probably treat things medically for now...if vision issues crop up down the road, putting in a shunt is something that will help. IIH use to be a rare disease, don't know if it's till the case, you sure do hear alot more about it these days, compared to 40 yrs ago. There is some research being done by the Intracranial hypertension research foundation. (couldn't get the link to work from here, arg) has more info.

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    they did drain some out i think he said he drained around 20 out. diuretics i can't take because i am always fluid negative so if i take them no matter how much water i drink i get severely dehydrated very quickly. thanks for the link i will check it out. as i said opening pressure was 26 which my cousin said was pretty high she is a nurse so i was talking to her last night. just heard from neurologist who confirmed the opening pressure and discharge diagnosis of intercranial hypertension she is still waiting on the bloodwork to come back to rule out other things but she suspects to start me on some medication next week sometime.
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