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Thread: Do your fingers or hands hurt? A possible solution that has worked for me..

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    Do your fingers or hands hurt? A possible solution that has worked for me..

    as a title suggests. If you're a quad and to a lesser degree a para. Your fingers and hands may hurt. I've been a quad for about 24 years. When it happened we decided to get soccer gloves and wear them all the time. Fast-forward 24 years later and my fingers do not hurt. My fingers are straight, maybe one or 2 fingers are slightly contracted. Nothing to the degree of what I've seen. But, If I am my gloves off and they are touching things than they tend to hurt. Put the gloves on and the pain is gone. So bottom line is if you want to keep your fingers a straight as possible and maybe relieve some pain. Take a look at soccer gloves. I can give you a make and model that are nice looking and don't have elastic around the wrist area for sores.
    I just thought I'd mention it as they are and have been a blessing for me.
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    And if you're hands aren't straight, possibly injections by a hand surgeon (might be "trigger finger") would possibly be helpful. Or if spasticity/increased tone, BTX injections might be helpful.
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    I've developed extremely painful hands, predominately in the wrist area. I cannot take any pressure on them and where Hatch gloves almost continuously. They have excellent padding in the wrist area and the easy to put on as a quad. I have a local tailor so on some loops in which I took my thumbs into to take them off.

    EMG/nerve conduction study tests are almost useless in quads for diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome. I've had two carpal tunnel and one for the elbow, cubital tunnel syndrome.

    I also have terrible burning in one of my thumbs. I'm a C6/C7 complete.

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