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Thread: Is C&S done if urinalysis comes back clean?

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    Is C&S done if urinalysis comes back clean?

    If the initial urinalysis comes back clean with no bacteria, is there a need for a culture and sensitivity test, or do they only do that if the urinalysis shows a UTI?

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    My lab does both EVERYTIME

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    Would they know about the bacteria without doing a culture test?

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    Theoretically if the urine is clean and no bacteria then a culture shouldn't need to be done. However, just because no bacteria is seen, an increase in WBCs or clumps etc.. could be organisms. If you have symptoms a UA and Urine culture should be done. It takes 3 days to get the culture results back with sensitivities if + for organism(s).

    I have seen UAs with ) bacteria- 5 WBCs and 4 organisms >100,000 in the culture.

    The culture is much more reliable.
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