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Thread: Stomach has started growling all the time?

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    Stomach has started growling all the time?

    T6 complete. Over the past 3 months or so my stomach has started growling very loudly, at least once or twice every hour. I don't have any abdominal pain, however I have had a few bowel accidents recently which is not typical for me. My bowel program is fine. I haven't changed my diet at all. I did start taking fiber supplement pills a few months ago since I drink a lot of water to firm things up. I'm not sure what affect the fiber is having but I can't think of anything else that has changed. I had a urinalysis done recently as well and didn't have a UTI, wasn't sure if that would be related. Has anyone else had this happen out of the blue? Any suggestions?

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    As usual I don't have any suggestions. I had this issue when I did have diarrhea for several weeks recently. I would usually get a growling warning before an accident. But it basically meant for two weeks I could not be around other people. And I could not really tell them why either. I do not what if anything helped to stop it, although it did eventually. Maybe Citrucel. Or trying to eat things that supposedly help, bananas, bread. I had been taking an expensive probiotic at the time, Visbiome, which didn't prevent it.

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