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Thread: 25% Off Products That Help People With Limited or No Hand Function

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    25% Off Products That Help People With Limited or No Hand Function

    Hello - I am a C5/6 quad and I co-founded a company that makes products to help people with disabilities.

    Our products can be found at:

    For the holidays we are offering a 25% discount starting today through 12/25 if you use the promo code HOLIDAYS

    Our most well known product is the uDrink - the best drink holder for people with disabilities.

    Our newest product is the uHandle - it let's you add a handle to virtually any object.

    We also cell the QuickCage Water Bottle Holder - it can be attached to any wheelchair.

    Please help me spread the word, or please try our products for yourself!

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    Thank you. I have a Udrink and find it really handy as something I can bring out to restaurants and bars and never worry about whether or not I'll be able to drink something. We stitched a D-ring into the end of the strap and I'm largely able to use it myself.

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    I copied over to our GO! Mobility Solutions FB page. Hope you get some action!


    Rick Goldstein
    GO! Mobility Solutions

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