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Thread: Bowels back in order... (fingers crossed)

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    Bowels back in order... (fingers crossed)

    Even since I weaned off of Valium in July of 2017, my bowel situation went haywire. Before that, my bowels moved on their own without suppositories or laxatives. My bowel regiment consisted of a simple check and extraction of stool from the rectal vault 4-6 days a week. This was the way it worked for nearly 26 years. Anyhow after going off Valium that all changed. My bowels required multiple suppositories and laxatives just to "pooh" 2-3 times a week and when it finally worked it was usually a "river of shit" a couple times on those 2-3 days.

    I have also been dealing with several ileus's and or bowel blockages. These began before I weaned off Valium but became more frequent after doing so.

    I tried to ask my doctors to allow me to go back on Valium to see if the situation would change but none of them believed that the two things were linked and refused.

    In the last year I have had 4 ileus's and 2 of them were only a few months apart. My NP was very open-minded this time and decided to allow me to try Valium again along with Linzess 72 micrograms. (I tried Linzess 145 mcg a year or so ago but it caused diarrhea and when I tried the 72 mcg. I didn't get much of a result).

    Anyhow, after being back on Valium and Linzess for a month, things have drastically improved. For the last two weeks, I have had a bowel movement every single day without using any other bowel care products. I take a 5 mg Valium at night and my 72 mcg Linzess in the morning and a couple hours later, I "pooh". All that is required is manual extraction of the rectal vault. Aside from the time between taking Linzess and doing the actual extraction, the whole process takes less than 10 minutes, including clean up. I am considering having my mom give me my Linzess before she goes to work (about an hour and a half before my caregiver gets here) so that I could get the that out of the way directly after breakfast, instead of waiting.

    I had a lot of people urging me not to go back on Valium, both on here and in the real world, but I truly believed that the two things were related. I realize that I can't claim that the Valium was the cure since I'm taking Linzess as well, but you can't argue with results. I also realize that its only been two weeks but I'm crossing my fingers (figuratively) and staying optimistic as long as everything remains on the current path.

    If this turns out to be a temporary fluke and everything goes haywire again, I'll consider weaning off Valium once more. So far the only side effect is that I sleep a little longer in the morning and it required me to set an alarm (a small price to pay for working digestive system.) :-)

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    However illogical your outcome, it is foolish to argue with facts. I hope for you this good situation continues.

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    I once found that a muscle relaxant, baclofen, was very helpful for pain. Maybe the Valium could help with spasticity in some of the muscles controlling the bowel? I have no idea here.

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