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Thread: Asking Cortana to exit Dragon

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    Asking Cortana to exit Dragon

    Dragon crashes on me all the time, but now that I have Cortana I can open it by voice. But I need to close it first, and I can?t figure out how to tell Cortana to do that. Does anyone know? Or could I set a macro? I can?t figure out how to tell Cortana to type things.

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    Something you need to try is using a .bat program, or better yet go to Knowbrainer forums where you can find everything about Dragon and the software add-on called Knowbrainer, which you really need to choose 5 get.

    The main programs that I use are

    • Dragon Professional Individual 15.3

    • Knowbrainer

    • SpeechStart+

    • VoiceComputer

    • Speech Productivity add-on

    • Voice-activated Commands (for gaming]

    The 1st 3 you can get from Knowbrainer forums, the last 3 are on separate sites. Even with the 1st 3 it still works very well because the microphone is a noise canceling, it cancels out a lot in the background noise and I place it beside my head/shoulder so it's a couple inches away from my mouth. I would say it's about 95-97% accurate (most of the time). Try it out I think you'll be pleasantly satisfied with your results.

    I'm using it right now to dictate this in Google Chrome hands-free! Submit
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