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Thread: Stage 1 pressure sore re-reddening easily?

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    Stage 1 pressure sore re-reddening easily?

    I have what I think is a stage 1 pressure sore where I sit. It was initially caused by some bowel problems requiring even more time than usual on the toilet.

    After I lie on my side for a long time, say 12 hours, the area of redness is nearly completely gone, with just a small pink area in the center.

    But when I get up to sit, even if I sit for just an hour, the area becomes red again, 2 inches diameter.

    In other words, the pressure sore seems to re-redden very easily. Is this normal for a stage 1 pressure sore? Is it a sign of something serious?

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    A stage 1 pressure injury would generally not fade completely in 12 hours; usually it is days or weeks, but only if no pressure is applied. Is this an area of old scar?

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    Knock on wood (tapping head) have yet to develop anything past one (scared the hell out of me because it appeared so quickly) stage one pressure sore. Had a red spot from sleeping on a belt loop, not a high pressure point, but it lasted two years.

    If the red spot does not go away, find the latest greatest medicine, apply it, and stay off it until it's no longer red. When it is at its least red, when you press on it does it blanch i.e. show white and then go back to read?

    Just stay off of it.

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