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Thread: Quickie Q7 Rigid Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair w/Roho Cushion - Open Box/Never Used

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    Quickie Q7 Rigid Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair w/Roho Cushion - Open Box/Never Used


    Quickie Q7 Rigid Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair w/Roho Cushion & J3 Back - Open Box/Never Used

    The Quickie Q7 wheelchair combines cutting edge ultra lightweight wheelchair technology, ergonomic design, with premium materials. Designed for superior handling, efficiency, and speed. Top of the Line Materials and Technology. The genius behind the Q7's featherweight frame is 7000 series aerospace aluminum. ShapeLoc Technology - the process of heat treating 7000 Series aluminum - increases its strength, allows for thinner tube walls, and decreases overall weight. By combining ShapeLoc Technology with oval tubing, the Q7 wheelchair delivers an incredibly strong, rigid ride that weighs as little as 13.3 pounds with wheels and maximizes your speed and efficiency with every push.

    Product Features
    Seat Size 18"W x 19"D
    Frog leg caster fork shock absorber
    5 x 1 Aluminum / poly caster
    Adjustable angle footplate
    Leg strap
    Side guard, plastic
    J3 Position back cushion wd 22in Pearl white powder coat shell
    J3Micro-climate control
    Pearl white powder coat parts: brackets, footplate, hubs
    ROHO Skin Protection & Positioning Seat Cushion, QUADTRO SELECT HIGH PROFILE Cushion
    3 degree camber plug
    Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution tire Pneumatic propulsion tire
    Pneumatic prop tire tube
    Precision Billet Products Glide 25" SpinTek aluminum wheels
    265lbs. Weight Capacity
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