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Thread: flip back footrest?

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    flip back footrest?

    I'm trying to learn a bit about this option. Looked in the CAD repository, but can't still get pics of it. Looking to get a new chair. I have a ZRA with special curved support bar behind my legs, allowing me to "kick"propel a little around kitchen. I have fold-up tubular foot rests. Don't think I'll be allowed to get another titanium. They SAID the only reason I got THIS one was because they couldn't weld the curved cross piece on aluminum. Anybody have pics of the flip back showing clearance behind feet? Thanks!

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    I will take a photo of mine tomorrow. I love it, but I stand so getting my feet closer under me helps.

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    On a ZRa
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    If you are someone who is able to stand or even voluntarily move your legs a little, the flip up is a nice feature. I don't have any ability to move my legs (T9/10 complete) and got this thinking it would be nice to drop my feet down to more easily get under tables. Unfortunately it turned out to be incredibly irritating as every time I transferred into my chair, the plate would flip up. Trying to move my feet out so I could flip it down while my legs were spasming from the transfer made it even more irritating. The final straw was once I had the plate flipped down and went to pull my legs up, if my heel came back at all, it would hook the plate and flip it up again!

    This is a bit of a frustration for me, but I'm sure others have had great luck with it. I obviously thought it would be great when I ordered. For my application, that just turned out to be wrong. Thankfully a little over a year after I got that chair it was totaled by Southwest Airlines and when they got me a new one, I went back to a fixed footplate and have been very happy.

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    Wow, thanks endo_aftermath. That pic with the ruler helps significantly. My curved rigidizer bar goes back farther than that, but it might work. Wish I had one I could try. Wonder if a 90 degree angle would help. Mine's 85. Don't know if my legs could bend that tight comfortably tho.
    Thanks also ToastGuard and Tetracyclone. I'll look forward to your pic as well, Tetracyclone.

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