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Thread: Securing your wheelchair inside a van

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    Securing your wheelchair inside a van

    The common way to secure a wheelchair inside a van is to strap it to the floor. That works great if someone else is doing the work. But if it's your wheelchair, it's difficult to attach straps to the floor while you're in the wheelchair.

    I use a bungee cord between the chair and the transfer seat. This works to prevent the chair from moving out of reach. But the problem is that the wheelchair shifts position such that when I go to get back into the chair, it's not where I left it when I got out of the chair. That's a problem because in order to reposition the wheelchair, I have to undo the brakes. The far brake can be a bit of a reach and awkward to operate. Leaving the brakes off makes it easier to reposition the wheelchair. But then the wheelchair is moving around while driving, which isn't good.

    I was thinking of getting D-locks. That would make it much easier to operate the brakes. Because there is only one lever in the middle rather one on each side. But that seems overkill. What other solutions do you use to secure a manual wheelchair when you drive a van with a transfer seat?

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    I just lock brakes only if I have to slam brakes on does it move. my new van has a rubber floor and it moved on it and I took some of that stuff that you lay down at pools that gritty and put on floor to help

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    Have rarely had chair get loose after chair brakes put on. Yes, it may move a bit. I always keep a stick with a hook on the end up front on the floor of the van and have had to use it a couple of times to retrieve chair. I'd rather not use any floor mounted locking device - seems it would get in the way. I now use ZX1 and find I need to secure it with a bungee cord hooked from chair footrest to front console of van.

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