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Thread: Looking on how people run laptops from bed. Another sore

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    Looking on how people run laptops from bed. Another sore

    Been in the bed all week and looks like going to be there for a while... I have a bunch of work coming up that I usually do from my desk top but not going to be able to now. Is there any set ups for lap tops that allows you use your computers from laying down position. I draw house plans and need to be able to use a mouse to.. 45 Year old C-7 QUAD... Looking for a new cushion to... Sitting on a Roho smart cushion. I can never get the left side of my butt healed..

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    How about some kind of prone position setup?
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    That is fascinating, thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rustyjames View Post
    How about some kind of prone position setup?
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    I used the Ergotron desk mount attached to a bench next to my bed for 5 months to support my Cintiq for cartooning. I think the mini desk arm is more suited for A laptop.
    They stock stand extensions and laptop mounts
    I'm sure you will work it out.

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    Thanks for all the help.. I will have to check on Ride Cushion.... I had my Uncle and cuz build me a drafting computer table. I'll post pictures tomorrow...

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    Search for laptop tray for bed at amazon and see if anything looks good to ya.
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    Lying on your back only? Or can you lay on your stomach? Or can you be turned onto your right side?

    Also are you a rightie?

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    Sounds like your highest priority could be to find a cushion to protect your butt where the sore is, letting you work sitting up. If the sore is on your ischial, then a cushion like the Ride Designs custom or Ride Designs Java might do it. Either completely eliminates pressure on the ischials. Manipulating a CAD program while laying down sounds really difficult--not that we're unacustomed to doing things that the rest of the world views as really difficult.

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    Can you learn Dragon well enough to do what you need to do all by voice? Then you could mount monitors on arms both sides of your bed and work on your sides, or use one big enough to extend in front of you if you’re lying on your back. Or get a projection screen to project the screen where you need it. If there is no place on your bed frame to mount a monitor arm, run a board under your mattress and attach monitor arms to that, securing them somehow so stability is not dependent on your weight in bed.

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    Agree about ride cushion.

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