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Thread: Chest strap/upper body restraint

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    Chest strap/upper body restraint

    Hey all! I'm trying to find a specific chest strap. Would you please look at this video/picture and help point me in the right direction? I've looked at several chest straps from bodypoint, Therafin, etc. But none will do the trick as well as this one.if you watch the YouTube video, you'll see the strap starting around 30 seconds. I've also included just a snapshot from that video.

    Thanks in advance everyone. I really appreciate any assistance.

    Video -
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    C5/6 Complete - water skiing accident 1994.

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    Look on the guy that owns it is a quad and has made a lot of stuff like that.

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    What's substantially different to this with, the added optional padding? I think it may be an earlier version of this from Bodypoint - I have one which has the slightly different loop at the end, shown.

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    baldfatdad-first off, your screen name is awesome. Thanks for the reference. I had not been to that site before. It did not have the chest strap I needed. However, it looks like it could be very helpful for other items.

    C5/6 Complete - water skiing accident 1994.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmilyL View Post
    What's substantially different to this with, the added optional padding? I think it may be an earlier version of this from Bodypoint - I have one which has the slightly different loop at the end, shown.
    Emily-you might be right. I was looking for the identical one thinking that since it worked in the past, why change? However, this is pretty much the same. Would you answer a couple more questions?

    The wide material on the side of the one in the picture held the straps up where I can easily get to them. Do you have any trouble with getting the straps up from the sides of the chair (when they are dangling)?

    I was in a car accident in 2007 with my chair bolted to an EZ-lock and this strap holding me to the chair. It held me and really well. The metal ring on the bodypoint chest strap looks thinner than the one in the picture. I realize that this is not meant to be a safety harness. However, I use it as one anyway. Does the metal ring seem pretty substantial?

    Thank you much for your help!

    C5/6 Complete - water skiing accident 1994.

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    I have come to the conclusion that the maker of this particular strap has gone out of business. I have one but the velcro is almost gone. I've been searching far and wide for a new one but to no avail.


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    This is the same "Chest Belt" product as before, with an updated design. The belt, including the metal ring, is tested to the same standards as all BP belts for breaking strength under load, webbing holding its size, withstanding machine wash/dry, etc. BP has been tweaking designs and materials for supports to be more low profile and soft, with the same functionality and safety.

    I've handled both versions, and I think you'd like the new thumb pull of the new one, but you're right, the webbing is narrower now by user request, and I can't see enough on the video to see how differently it would dangle in your setup. The Quad Belt might also work, and would add the strength of a low-force buckle as well as more of a thumb channel, depending on your mounting options. If dangling is key, the Evoflex, which can be ordered with a Rehab Latch like the Quad Belt has (the easiest to use), with very stiff straps that stay how you leave them, can be used in a chest position.

    Some drivers use the Elastic Strap, which can be cut to size, is cushy, wraps around, and is available in taller heights, but I'm not sure how that one would work for you, hand-wise. Of course, it doesn't have the strength under load that the belts do, but its stretch can be good in some situations. It is also a great leg strap since it doesn't apply the pressure that belts do.

    So just to be clear, the Chest Belt and Elastic Strap don't require mounting. The other two do.

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    Thanks for the information renard.That helps a lot. Hopefully it helps badjefft as well.

    C5/6 Complete - water skiing accident 1994.

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