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Thread: Solid vs. suspension forks, who has went back to solid

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    Solid vs. suspension forks, who has went back to solid

    I have been using suspension forks, both Frog Legs and Out-Front Glide, for 10 years. While I am not quite in the market for a new chair yet, I am considering excluding suspension forks next time. My main rational is I am questioning how much of the function matters to me vs. the added weight and bulk.

    If anyone has stopped using them I'd be interested to know your thoughts. I know some may have not liked them because of transfers (John Squires), I have no issues with transferring, I am more curious about rolling around.
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    I used frog legs suspension forks for 4 years on my first chair, and have used their uni-tine forks over the last 4 years in my current chair and haven't missed the suspension versions at all. If there is a large bump or crack I'm going to roll over I instinctively wheelie over them now out of habit, and those situations are pretty rare as it is.

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