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Not to talk you out of/into anything, and recognizing that our injuries even when similar on paper all behave differently, I have been using the Peristeen with fantastic success for a lot of years. Predictable results everyday and my bowl time is under 30 minutes. I'm 36 years post injury and my bowl struggles and time invested are FAR easier and shorter than prior to using the Peristeen. I'd happily discuss this with you over the phone. You can email me at stephen@bike-on.com and we can arrange for a chat -- if you want.
I'm open to anything that works. Certainly don't have my heart set on severing my bowel in half. Already did that with my spinal cord and it didn't turn out so great.

How bulky is the Peristeen system?
Could you do it while camping? (assuming you had a pit toilet to empty your bowels into?
Would it take a lot of room in a suitcase if you were flying somewhere?