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Thread: Need Collective Brainpower of this Community

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    Need Collective Brainpower of this Community

    Hi All,

    I'm the Dad of a C5. I've recently found myself with some access to some billionaires, so I want to make the pitch to them that they need to put more of their charitable contributions to SCI research. To that end, I'd like to ask for any/all help in completing the attached chart. (I hope I attached the PDF, I can email anyone the Excel version) It is designed to show that SCI patients are getting the least funding per patient, but we won't know that until we can get the attached page completed. If someone wants to volunteer to be Project Manager for the data collection and then other volunteers can take specific sections, that would probably the best way for this to get done. In the process, anyone with an idea for making this data chart better, please suggest those on this forum or to whomever volunteers to be the Project Manager. I think anyone who takes the time to look at this chart will see the value of it once it is completed and how I could use it to make my appeal to the two billionaires I now have access to.

    Thanks - Dave
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