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Thread: Anyone interested in a good van?

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    Anyone interested in a good van?

    Purchased a 2007 Ford E - 350 that has an Under Vehicle Lift, six way power seat, raised roof, electric doors, remote start, open everything works perfect, even CD player, mirrors, etc.

    It had 27,000 miles when purchased and now has ~47,000 miles. Still have the original seat because it was a transport van for picking people up from the airport and taken them to the hotel. Brand-new Michelin's all the way around and starts and opens remotely.

    Can sell it with the original bench seats and captains chairs but would rather find someone in Florida who can use a good deal on a accessible van That you can transfer and drive out of the six way power seat.

    What do you think would be a good price?

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    Sounds like a great adapted van. Years ago when we had one for sale we first got the blue book value then added up the cost of the adapted equipment, then estimated depreciation for the equipment, and added something for the low mileage. Vans with that low mileage are barely "broken in". Sorry, can't guess a price.
    If you want to sell to paralyzed person in FL I have a friend who goes there soon for the Winter and knows some folks who may be interested in hearing about it. Just PM me and I will ask him. He has found buyers for me a couple of times.

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    You can check out comparable prices for used adapted vans on eBay and at both and

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    Just letting you know I have not received a PM from you.

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    The van's description prompts a bit of cusiosity - why are you selling it?
    There may be an interested party in North Carolina who could arrange for transport.

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    BTW I just had a van shipped to texas from Boca for $600. lots of vehicle shippers out there for personal vehicles especially if along major routes.

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    How high of a roof is it? Mine has raised roof but I still have to duck to get in... I'm almost 5'3" sitting down.

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    The vertebrae in my back are in such bad shape can no longer do the transfer or even get back in the chair without the narcotics because of the autonomic dysreflexia. Rolling on my side puts it at 200/100, in the chair to 260/140 And not going to risk a stroke.

    Been set in the driveway for a couple years now get a friend to drive every once in a while and put in the new battery.

    However, when asking my best friend since high school, to take picture. He wants to buy it but there's no way he can afford it.

    Will try and sell the power seat and the hand controls, and will end up giving him the Van.

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    Sorry anybody who PMs me about the van have never checked my PMs before

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