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Thread: Flat Tire Problem

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    Flat Tire Problem

    Just got new tubes put in my Tilite shadow wheels with Schwalbe marathon tires. This is my winter set of wheels. I reused the tires since they still had lots of tread left from last year. But end of last year one of the wheels wouldn?t hold air that?s why I took it to my local bike shop that has done work for me on my chairs before and had them replace the tubes. I just went to use this set of wheels on my chair and found the same wheel completely flat. Any ideas? Rim is in great shape no nicks from what I could see that would be popping the tube. I can?t figure out why this one wheel would not be holding air but the other one is just fine.

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    May be the rim lining has worn to the point where there is a sharp edge somewher on the inside of the rim. Or, there is a sharp something inside the tire itself. I'd take some fine steel wool and give the inside rim area a going over as well as inside the tire itself including the edge of the tire. Would add a new rim lining as well if yours looks worn. Did you check to ensure the valve is tight and no air leaking out?

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    Put the wheel in a tank/tub of soapy water, the bubbles will show you where the leak is.
    I just went through this when I was on vacation-didn't have my tools, so took it to a bike shop, and paid the guy.
    Told him it was a slow leak, likely a thorn, or metal chip. (He said it wasn't his first rodeo-I'm not sure I believe him)
    He didn't find anything. When I got home, I had to fix it again, myself-took about 5 minutes to remove the tire, and locate the metal chip.
    My guess, is you have similar-when you put a new tube in , it takes a couple days, for the thorn/sliver to cut it's way through the new tube.
    Another possibility, is a valve core that's leaking, or not in tight.
    Good luck

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