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Thread: New Webinar about Permobile (SmartDrive) PushTracker E2 and SwithControl

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    New Webinar about Permobile (SmartDrive) PushTracker E2 and SwithControl

    Did anyone else watch the new webinar on the new PushTracker E2 and SwithControl? The PushTracker E2 sounds like a nice upgrade to get rid of their terrible current PushTracker watch and we can finally use a SmartWatch to control our SmartDrive.

    It will work with the Mobvio TickWatch E2 and only requires downloading and installing the Smartdrive app from Google Play Store. I am not sure why they say it will only work with this SmartWatch since it is now an app that can be installed. It would be really nice if it will work with either the other models of the Mobvio or other Android SmartWatches. I am wondering if it will work with others, but they will not guarantee,support, warranty, etc.


    • Will work will all existing MX2+ models and maybe more. I cannot remember exactly
    • Compatible with the Mobvio TickWatch E2 $160 MSRP
    • Can be purchased through dealer, direct or through other sources such as Amazon, etc
    • Upgrade program starts Jan 2020 $120

    The webinar recording is now is available. Just click on "Register", fill out the form and then watch the video.
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    Very nice to see Permobil making an effort to upgrade. This might make the SmartDrive worth keeping if it increases it's reliability.

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    is it going to be compatible with the present smartdrives or do we have to buy a whole new system?

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    It is compatiable with any Smartdrive that has the wristband that you double tap to engage.

    The new wristband is awesome!!!

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