I think this has been discussed but I can't find it. I want to tighten the pivot bearing to provide some damping to reduce wheel flutter at higher rolling speeds. I have done this in the past (with good success) with the same model Uni-tine Forks. I recently replaced my Uni-tines after having mine damaged by the airline and they furnished me a new pair. We did not change the caster angle.They flutter horribly at as little as 8mph.
Now I can't figure out how to tighten them. We took the wheel off and put a socket wrench on the exposed nut which would not budge at all. I don't recall the fork having to come off the chair to do this but perhaps it does. My mechanic friend is out of the country for a couple weeks and I'd rather not try to do this using my wife for working hands unless we have a pretty good likelihood of success. Does anyone have first hand experience doing this? My chair is a ZRa in case that matters.