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Thread: Permobil aftermarket backrests

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    Permobil aftermarket backrests

    Hi, curious if anyone has experience with Permobil aftermarket backrests, particularly deep/contoured models? I?ve already demo?d the Roho Agility Deep, and it didn?t fit me well. The positive was that it fits directly on the existing hardware. Curious of the other options (Jay 3, Matrx, Varilite). I understand these would require the special mounting bracket. By doing so, does it impact seat depth?

    Thank you for any feedback.

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    If your talking about a power chair, this may help.
    I have a Comfort System brand seat back installed on a Permobil F3. Will look on box (i still have) to see which one as they have different types.
    Mine offers lower back support, keeping spine in a more correct contour (less pain for me). Adjustable support by bending metal straps inside (not sure of the procedure, mine felt fine as it came).
    Tech installed it in a few minutes so it can't be too hard to put on. Appeared to be plug and play. They allowed me to keep stock Permobil seat back and cushion in case I wanted to swap it out for a change.
    Yes it will effect seat depth. My chair was ordered with a 1 or 2 inch deeper seat pan. Also arm rest adjusted more forward.
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    I'm a C7 quad for 31 years. Just got my second power chair, an F3. My previous C300 had absolutely terrible lateral support. On my new chair I got the Invacare deep matrix elite. Definitely requires special hardware. If you need lateral stability the deep is the way to go. It also narrows as it goes upward, so you have increased shoulder mobility, a serious problem I had the previous standard Permobil back.

    It's a good back. Definitely requires increased seat depth to accommodate. I think my seat depth was increased 1 inch, but I think I perhaps could've used a little more, as my thighs are just a wee bit short on the support, which should extend to about an inch behind the knees.

    It is a tricky back to mount. Some of the hardware comes pre-attached from Permobil, provided it is listed in the original work order. I can see some HME vendors who don't have experience with this back botching it up.

    If you already have a chair and you want one of these backs, which may require increased depth, your present chair just may not work, in which case you are going to be going through a lot of work for something which in the end just may not be usable.

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    Depends on how replacement backrest is mounted.
    My Edge they mounted Otto Block(?) over hard back base, causes it be more forward.
    AmySystem R-3 HD has different backrest and it's mounting hardware used and adjustments can be made to keep it right.
    "Good Luck!"

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