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    leg rotates

    I broke my femur 6 months ago and now my leg can rotate outwards and inwards a lot more than it did. very loose. I don't think it is the bone as it got a pin in it but wondered what everyone else knows. Thanks Bruce

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    Is it your thigh or calf that's rotating? At time of sci, I also broke my leg, but it also severed my ACL, which results in my calf rotating. Since it rotates and lays my foot flat sideways when in bed, it kinda takes my thigh along for the ride, making my whole leg rotate a bit.

    It's amazing the interaction of one and all parts of the body, screw one up and off they go. Docs at the time said it would be way worse trying to fix ACL than to just leave as is since I ain't using it anyway. Hard to rehab it when it doesn't work.
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    You could have a non-traumatic hip dislocation, even avascular necrosis of your femoral head. You should see your orthopedist, get checked out, and probably need some Xrays.

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    I broke my right one next to the knee. It rotates a little more then my left but not much. More crunching goes on in the right knee. Broke it in 2007 does not crunch as much as it did. It does not swell and orto said don't worry about it. Told me not to come back unless bone is sticking outa They put the rod and screw in it. Tore my left knee up in my junior year in high school so both are messed up now. If I ever got feeling back in my legs with feet bang up a few times and bunion on my right foot with knees I bet I be in a lot of pain.

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