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Thread: winter

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    vjls, I ride a little. Used to be an avid trail rider and used to post stuff to that FB group. I have a neurological disorder so me being in a chair is from my DNA. I am getting old and so is my horse, plus people I used to ride with lost interest, moved away, one died. I used to go on pack trips every summer. Last one was in 2012. Anyhow, hello
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    I don't ride but it looks fun.

    The nylon spandex stretch pants mix has worked well. Used to wear cotton sweats everyday for the first year. Graduating to jeans was a big deal and helped me feel less like a patient. Now it's back to loving the athletic wear lol. Going to try some better quality less baggy non cotton pants.

    The tights can be tough to get on. Usually medium size has enough room but I couldn't even get them up over my butt. Bought 2XL and they are staying up so far. Easier to get on. Transfers are much less effort but a little caution is good when sitting on the edge of the bed. You can slide off before you realize it's happening. If my nuts didn't show I'd wear these out in public.
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