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Thread: Anyone have a home elevator ? Stiltz ? how much did it cost ?

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    Anyone have a home elevator ? Stiltz ? how much did it cost ?

    Anyone have a home elevator like this or similar?
    how's it work out?
    how much did it cost ?

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    Lots of options, if you are mechanically inclined, not hard to design and build. Mine cost me about 1500$, using all new components, goes from garage to 1st and 2nd floor.
    Google is your friend, for ideas.
    If you're not comfortable making it yourself, then there are several commercial manufacturers.
    They can get expensive, and subject to your relationship with the local building inspector-even though ADA doesn't apply in your own home.
    Personally, I don't like wire rope/cable-when it fails, there is often no warning.
    I prefer chain, hydraulic, or direct gear drive.
    Hope this helps you decide.

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    Ringuy any photos of your set up? I modified a trust lift and it works for a 11 ft run but takes 1:30 minutes and I would like to have a faster lift. Plus the lift isn't the quietest.

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