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Thread: Bladder installation to cure and prevent CAUTI

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    Bladder installation to cure and prevent CAUTI

    I have been suffering from chronic UTIs for years because of my catheter. Until I came across this. Works amazing wonders for your bladder! When my urine becomes cloudy and I start to feel UTI symptoms, I instill this into my bladder through the catheter for a few minutes and I instantly start feeling better. What a lifesaver! Everyone with the catheter needs to look this up!

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    How does one go about obtaining this product?

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    Interesting. I see it is part hypochlorous acid, which is the basic chemistry of hydrocleanse from oculus technologies, though the information points out that their formulation is much improved. I would be interested in knowing whether this product can be used for daily prevention of UTI or is to be used only when UTI become symptomatic.

    What is the cost of this product? I see that it must be diluted to the proper strength.

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