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Thread: Wheelchair Insurance... add to homeowners??

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    Wheelchair Insurance... add to homeowners??

    As a power chair is a worth more than my car... How should I insure it? If the house burned down or car had an accident that affected the chair, Med Ins wouldn't replace/repair it.
    What do you folks do.?

    Thanks as this is all new to us.

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    I got a girdle like back brace thru Medicare to help with quad belly and back support. My girth got smaller so I needed a smaller brace. Got one then later got a bill, Medicare denied.
    Called them, they said it would have been covered if it was stolen, damaged, or 5 yrs old. Of course what is said does not always mean it's true.
    Don't know if this applies to other DME.
    If accident damaged in your auto during transport, auto insurance may cover it if you have a decent policy.
    Damage chair due to chair only accident, your on your own for repairs.
    Homeowners ins. should cover it if house burns depending on how much "contents" coverage you have.
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    This will vary wildly from one insurance company o another. Talk to your homeowner's provider and talk to whomever insures your car, being upfront about the value of the chair. For example, my own Insurance company has a limit on what it will cover for 'personal belongings' should the house be totaled. Car insurance is often more restrictive.

    There is something called an umbrella policy meant to cover anything your other insurance policies will not cover. Check details with your agent or company (I highly recommend an independent insurance agent!) I pay just $200/year for mine so if, for example, someone gets hurt on my property and homeowners is not adequate to cover it, then the umbrella policy takes over. I cannot remember my own upper limit for that but you can sign on for any level. The key thing is to be clear with them about the items you are concerned with and their value. I would do this by e-mail or letter so there is documentation should there ever be a dispute.

    Very sensible of you to think of this in advance. I have found my independent insurance agent to be very helpful and it is easy for him to be honest since he has no loyalty to a particular company, only to me as his customer.

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    Don't know if same every state or same as back in 1996(?) or not since insurance changes to benefit themselves.
    Anyway, a lady rear ended my vehicle. The lift and mobility equipment including chair was deemed totaled by a different Insurance Adjuster than for vehicle. Her insurance paid seperatly for all mobility items from repairs on vehicle. If I remember right they lowered actual cost on lift due to age.

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