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Thread: Biodegradable straws ? ? a satisfying spit into the cataclysmic wind

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    Biodegradable straws ? ? a satisfying spit into the cataclysmic wind

    My plans to develop a biodegradable straw were felicitously scuttled by finding them online. That’s a defeat I will take, with hopes it might do even just a little to slow the growth in the trash heap growing in the Pacific.

    But then Trump and Bolsonaro spit back at us.
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    There were wax coated spiral wrap paper straws when I was a kid. I don't recall a wrapper. Milk shakes were thick back in the day, straw would collapse if you sucked on them. Had to use straw like a single chop stick till shake warmed a bit. They don't make shakes like that now so old school straw might work fine.
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