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Thread: It has happened again

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    It has happened again

    Yes, I am observing another anniversary of my Humpty Dumpty act. Now it is 65 years post injury. The down side of the mountain is getting very rough. The interaction of old age and SCIs is like rehab in reverse. One by one those functional gains that I worked so hard for are being striped away. But hey, what a bore life would be without a few challenges Bring on 66. I am not throwing in the towel yet.

    P.S. You can read the whole story here:
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    Thanks for paving the way Bob. I appreciate you and what you have shared about your journey. Keep up the fight!

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    Here's to many more...

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    So true about the gains slipping away. We keep finding creative ways to compensate - hope you keep it up. Thanks for your comments!

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    I am watching you, and others on here, on how the aging process has affected their limits. I am still a pup by comparison, but have noticed considerable weakness in my shoulders and arms this past year.

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    I can only dream of reaching 66. 19 more years seems like an eternity. Keep on keeping on, 66!
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    GONNA BE 69 IN 2 MONTHS 18 years sci

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    Hey SCI for 55+...congratulations seems weird to say on an injury anniversary but considering the years post-injury congratulations are in order. Thanks for the link to your book! As the cold weather hits Minnesota I turn into a pretty voracious reader...

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    Amazing achievement. Congrats. I think often about the moves I make today and how impossible they would be were I not in some sort of shape. I look at my friend and neighbor who is 72 - 20 years my senior - and think about how hard it would be for him to transfer from manual chair to shower chair using only his arms and shoulders, for example. Old age stinks.
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    Good for you. That's a huge deal.

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