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Thread: New smartdrive wristband?

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    New smartdrive wristband?

    Hi, I was told about a new SD feature, or maybe a new wristband coming. I cannot press the small buttons which has stopped me upgading from the MX2. Mr Google tells me about EZ ON which requires the watchface to be held horizontal and then double hit with a finger, but I cannot as I am one-handed and press the MX2 button with my chin to swith on/off.

    My informant said something about a touch sensitive surface which might work with a touch to my nose. Is a new version coming?

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    A couple days ago I was watching a guy at the gas pumps talking to his watch, then holding his wrist by his ear, back and forth. It made me think about the old Dick Tracy cartoons in the newspaper.
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    yes I've seen the EZ ON video. That appears to need two hands as tapping with my nose the wrist needs the surface not to be level. I have a beard so chin won't work. Either way keeping the wrist level seems not possible. Perhaps I could strategically place a conductive pointer on my chair but I can't think were as I don't use arm rests.

    When was EZ ON introduced? Is there a new wristband on the way?
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    New wristband is available now. Go to website and watch videos. It is awesome!!

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    Awesome functionality but half the battery life of old one. Old one barely lasted as long as the drive unit itself and this one doesn't even come close. Maybe the demo unit I tried had a worn out or defective battery but it was worthless after about 4.5 hours. Drive unit had another hour or 2 left in it. Curious to hear from anyone else who has tried it to know if this is normal. Seems really dumb to me for the control unit to not be able to keep up with the drive unit if this is normal.
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