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Thread: Saline flush syringes

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    Saline flush syringes

    Does anyone know if prefilled saline flush syrines can still be used if they have been refrigerated? It clearly says on the box to not refrigerate. Is that because the temperature would be too cold for the body? Can they be brought back to room temperature and used for flushing an sp tube?

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    According to this it looks like you can
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    IDK, that sounds like a shock to the body to use at refrigerator temp. At least let them get to room temp.

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    I think it is okay
    I think it has to do with the shock of a refrigerated saline liquid and instilling it into the body

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    I agree with pbr
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    Yup, using cold saline sent me into such a spasm once i almost fell off the toilet. It was not refrigerated but it was Winter and my bathroom was cold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    I think it is okay
    I think it has to do with the shock of a refrigerated saline liquid and instilling it into the body

    Thank you. I was hoping this is true. Some people who make their own saline have posted that they refrigerate it to keep it fresh, so I assumed it would be okay. I think that is what I remember anyways. This is great. It will not go to waste now.

    Thanks everyone. Much appreciated.

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    I make my own fresh same day its easy

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    Quote Originally Posted by vjls View Post
    I make my own fresh same day its easy
    That is great. I'm going to do that too, once these are gone. These were given to me from someone who had a picc line. They were going to be thrown away.

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