I'm heading to Atlantis soon and just trying to get some last minute intel. Has anyone been there recently? Some questions:

  1. how challenging is wheeling from 1 end of the resort to the other? I've been told it can be walked in under 15 minutes along the beach walk. Is that relatively flat?
  2. do the stairs going up the the water slides have railings? I can walk a bit with crutches but obviously won't be bringing them on the slide with me so a railing to hold on to (rather than a friend's shoulders) would be ideal
  3. does the accessible shuttle run on any sort of schedule? I've heard it's a crap shoot. I've also heard that when it does run, it's extremely infrequent... almost non-existent.
  4. what are the accessible rooms like in the Beach Towers? I have stayed places (mostly outside the US) where the accessible rooms were of quite a bit lower quality compared to the rest of the rooms in the same class. And I've stayed in places where the accessible rooms were the the 1st renovated and quite a bit nicer. Just trying to get an idea of what i'm in for.

Any other tips for accessibility or otherwise are welcomed. Thanks!!