A few weeks ago, my daughter left her home in route to work. While still in a residential area, a new Mercedes backed out of a driveway and T-boned my girls 2014 VW in the drivers door.
Lucky my girl wasn't injured but her car was totaled.
Immediately after the crash, the MB lady got out of her car. Surprised and a little angry, she said that her car should not have allowed the crash to happen.
She told the police, (paraphrase) I didn't look, I don't have to look, my car is designed to stop by it self to prevent a crash. This is in the accident report.

I think it was Einstein that said, technology will make us dumber. This story proves his theory.
Ron White says, "you can't fix stupid". I say we aren't trying to fix it, we're enabling it.
We need the Gallagher stupid gun. "Here's your sign".