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Thread: Gentamicin Not Helping Much

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    I did have an ultrasound of my kidney and bladder done yesterday but the technician said ultrasounds cannot see the ureters at all. A CT scan would be needed to evaluate the ureters and see if there are any small stones in there. The technician didn?t see any obvious kidney stones in my bladder or kidneys so my problems are a little bit of a mystery.

    I am still having bladder pain and bladder spasms that empty my bladder has the suprapubic catheter which obviously causes a mess it is bad for my skin between my legs. I have tried using a do you wet catheter with two balloons would help someone but I?m still having voiding after a few days of my bladder being calm. Still trying to use gentamicin but not sure if it?s helping me very much. My urologist last had a culture done the previous week, he came back with high levels of bacteria which could be signs of infection, though at the time I wasn?t having bad symptoms of an infection. I could have colonization and not a true infection but still I?m having some Bad symptoms Bad symptoms

    My Urologist now wants to refer me to a infectious disease doctor to see if they can evaluate me. Anyone have experience seeing an infectious disease doctor and actually helping with bladder problems?

    I know a lot of you also deal with bladder problems after a spinal cord injury. Is there hope for me? I know there is I just have to find the right solution to avoid so many issues. For years and years I really didn?t have problems like this with my bladder and being in voiding on a routine basis, if anything it was rare.
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