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Thread: RT300 FES Stim bike - Priced to sell

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    RT300 FES Stim bike - Priced to sell

    Purchased brand new from Restorative Therapies for more than $20,000+

    Price is $9,000.

    Excellent condition. Boxed up and ready to ship. Even with their extended care plan, you're still saving in the $10k range. Selling to purchase a new chair.

    - RT300 SL with 12 channels and sage 10 controller.
    - Allows you to stim quads, hams, glutes, side of shins, calves and abs
    - Previous buyer backed out so feel free to PM here or email me with questions at memoran1 -at-


    Note: pictures attached are not mine (since it's already boxed up) but it's the exact same model with most up-to-date tablet.
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    Price adjusted to $8,250

    To answer a question, I will split shipping 50/50 straight down the middle.
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    Answering another question...

    There is a generic login code used by all clinics and PT's that you can use for sessions or if you prefer, I'll give my individual login to use for a bit while you decide what you want to do.


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    Answering another question...

    Yes, comes with all cables, etc... and a boatload of stim pads.

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    Price adjusted to $7,850

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