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Thread: (UK) Cowal Hand controls

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    (UK) Cowal Hand controls

    Any Brits driving with Cowal push/pull hand controls? Over the years I must of had at least 20 cars with Jeff Gosling controls and rented many more with Lynx controls therefore, on my next car I fancy trying something different with a neater install.

    Anyone gone from Goslings to Cowal or vice versa, or have any comments regarding driving with Cowal? At the moment I don't live in the UK so a test drive isn't possible.

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    Hello Sarcastrix,

    Really clean installation, you got information on average prices, installation only in UK?
    I am French with KIVI KS WIRELESS equipment, it's very average, total disappointment especially with a 380 hp car.

    ps: sorry for my bad english, i use translate google ^^.

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