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Thread: Help with new computer

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    Help with new computer

    I am a high level quad C4 and use my desktop PC significantly daily. With a gooseneck microphone and DragonDictate along with Know Brainer 2011, I am able to utilize pretty much everything by voice at a reasonable efficiency and speed, with dictation and MouseGrid. My current system is a HP Intel i3 CPU , 550@3.2 GHz , 6 GB of RAM 64-bit, Windows 7 operating system.
    I very frequently run Malware Bytes, and defrag, but I notice the machine continually getting slower.
    I'd like to get a new system on Black Friday, but not confident what to get.
    The system before my current one was a Dell with the original DragonDictate 3.0. When I upgraded to my current HP system, had I not found the KB 2011 software, I was substantially limited with what I could do.
    Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Windows 7 might start running slower due to end of support updates (no support Jan 2020). Happened to my XP unit after Win bombarded it with updates just before they stopped support of it.
    Do not install optional updates that has the word "preview" in it. Those are test updates with possible bugs.

    I've had several HP units, will not own another. They get slower with time till they become frustrating, then die. Yours has good resources (CPU, RAM) but not immune to HP and Windows sabotage.
    MalwareBytes is the best. Norton and McAfee slow system down and are not as good.
    A SSD is great for speed and never need defrag. <1 minute, I can boot and have browser open. Lots of hybrid SSD/HDD computers out there now. Fine as long as main boot is from SSD.
    Personally, I don't want another HDD. They are slower and fail more often than SSD.

    I put an SSD in my laptop. Had 2 HDD's fail due to knocking over my table. After buying the data transfer stuff, adaptors, and all the work, it might have been better to pay someone to do it.

    The KB 2011 might have been a "value added" software (included in price of computer). You may have to purchase the software to install on another computer. Not sure, I've not used it.
    I have a computer that doesn't have WinZip installed. Wants me to buy it so I got a free Zip type file compression/opener. Example of "value added" software.
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    Get at least 16GB of RAM and make sure the storage is a SSD - do not do a hybrid drive. I agree with gearhead, HP's suck.
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