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Thread: Spinalon moves forward

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    Thanks Grammy,

    From a practical point of view what would the purpose of this drug be?

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    The aim is not to restore the ability to walk normally for patients, but rather to allow them to walk 30 to 45 minutes on a treadmill.
    It is the researcher Pierre Guertin who invented the Spinalon. The researcher explains that the objective of Spinalon is to counter the side effects of physical paralysis, such as obesity and cholesterol.
    “It does not restore normal operation. An individual can not turn right, left or have 45 minutes to get groceries. It’s not the goal. This is to allow an intense treadmill training […] to counter all the secondary health problems of these people, “says the researcher.

    Here's a link to the additional information gathered on Spinalon

    This is basically the same premise and ingredients in the cocktail of momoamines that Courtine proposed using in the soft implantable G technology.

    P. Musienko, R. van den Brand, O. Marzendorfer, R. R. Roy, Y. Gerasimenko,V. R. Edgerton, and G. Courtine, “Controlling specific locomotor behaviors through multidimensional monoaminergic modulation of spinal circuitries,” The Journal of Neuroscience: The Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience, vol. 31, pp. 9264–9278, June 2011.
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    Thanks Grammy, so it's not going to give any useful day to day returns on its own -it might be useful with something else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by niallel View Post
    Thanks Grammy, so it's not going to give any useful day to day returns on its own -it might be useful with something else?
    I don't think we'll know until it's tested in conjunction with something else in humans. It would appear to me that's exactly where this is headed so we can get those answers.

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    Thanks Grammy, I'm glad to see it's moving forward. Pairing this with intensive rehabilitation seems like it would be fantastic.

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