Looking for advice on how to file complaints to the nursing home without fear of retaliation. My mom has been in there since June and developed a pressure sore in August (nursing home blamed it on moisture). I spoke with the Exec Director in person and sent her an email to note that she rarely gets turned at night (maybe once at night which means every 6 or 7 hours) which is unacceptable and what is the plan to get this addressed ASAP. They are going thru alot of changes (they got rid of alot of people and I do not know what the next plan is). Her last email to me was that she gave this info to the interim nurse director.

Last night my mom did not get turned at all (sounds like the aide was someone new). I am ready to write and call the exec director again (spoke to her in person a month ago, sent her another email last week). But my family is reluctant in fear that the aides/nurses will retaliate against my mom (And understandable. My mom is C3 incomplete and cannot do much on her own). My mom calls for water at night (alot) and one night a different aide came in frustrated after she hit the call button stating she was doing it too much and said I already gave you water before and then just turned the call light off and never gave her water. So these are the type of things we are worried about in the middle of the night if we complain. That no one will attend to her at all.

There are a few rare aides that are great, so some do know how to do their job there.

I expressed to my family that we need to voice now because if my mom's pressure sore gets worse, we need proof that we spoke up. But my dad is frustrated that he complains and nothing changes so his view is why bother. And then my mom is so worried that they will treat her worse.

I wanted to write a note again stating these people need to do their job, so what is the plan? But this may just be falling on deaf ears now. We hear alot of oh this is not good. Not right. We will bring it up etc etc. But no change. My sister says there is only 1 aide working at night, so the aide probably doesn't have help or support. My mom says oh the aide was nice though. I find that excuse ridiculous as why is it our problem if they don't have enough help? If my mom's sore gets worse, we will regret we never did anything or spoke up in fear of retaliation, or that oh it's not the aide's fault because she had no help (I tell them being nice does not cut it!).

But I do want to tread lightly because I will hate if my mom got zero attention at night moving forward because of my note. And if it has been a month and no change, would the state long term ombudsman be a better way to go than me writing another email to the exec director?