I'm getting ready to buy a new chair in the nearish future and I'm looking for new wheel recommendations. My first chair came with the standard Quickie spoke wheels which went out of true almost immediately. Since then (for the past 8.5 yrs) I have used the X-core 3 spoke carbon composite wheels.

For a little background, I'm a big guy (~250lbs with the chair and backpack), T9/10 Complete, and I'm really rough on chairs. I refuse to not go where I want to because of the chair, but cannot afford to have a "house" and "out of house" chair. I am often going up and down curbs or steps, rolling through grass and gravel (I avoid mud like the plague), and often carry my son (2 y/o) or other things on my lap.

I'd like to see if there are other options for wheels that will not go out of true, but are lighter than the X-cores which I believe are around 5lbs a piece. I am getting older and looking to put together an overall lighter chair to save my shoulders and wrists for as long as possible. That being said, the most important feature of these new wheels is minimal maintenance. I barely have enough time to sleep after work, taking care of my son, house, and wife (who is carrying twins coming in Nov), so the idea of, even on a monthly basis, having to take wheels to a shop for trueing is a non-starter. If a set of wheels only needs trued once in a year, I can live with that, but remember that I am really rough on chairs and have yet to see a spoke wheel I was confident would work as well as the X-core to remain true.

I searched the forum and couldn't find a thread that addressed this particular need, so I am looking to you great people for any wisdom from your experience.