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Thread: Cable modem question

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    Cable modem question

    My cable modem and router sit atop a shelf above my wall mounted TV and I want to relocate it to another wall. I recently got rid of my cable TV but kept the internet. The cable that used to plug into my cable box is not being used and I was wondering if I could plug my modem into the unused TV coax cable.

    Otherwise I will have to call the cable company and give them even more money.

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    should, as long as its connected from the source...

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    I chatted with customer support and they said that it wouldn't work because only one cable was "turned on" to send/receive the internet.

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    yeah, that's the one that has to be changed at the box outside..if you have coax cable outlet in every room, you have a box outside that you'd just have to change the connection over to that plug..

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    I'm going to have my dad try that today. It'll save him the headache of drilling holes and snaking cable through.

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