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Thread: Reluctant to use Gentamicin

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    My Medicare part D had it on their formulary and I could get 75 vials for three month supply and the co-pay wasn't bad. All of the other supplies are not covered. This would leave you out of pocket for the cost of needles/syringes (inexpensive), the large piston syringes for the actual instillation, and sterile saline, which will probably be the most expensive part.

    For me, it would've been less expensive than using the oculus technology product Hydrocleanse once per day at approximately 45-50 mL per use. That stuff is not cheap.

    I would check with your pharmacy provider to see if it covered and then how much it will cost. This will also depend upon how often you do it, once or twice per day. Regardless, one needs to determine the size (ML) and concentration of the vials provided by your pharmacy provider in order to figure out how much that will make and last at your schedule.

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    if u have private ins everything is covered including saline rep
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    It is pretty helpful to see how people approach doing gentamicin installation. Hopefully this is effective against increased bacteria levels for using indwelling Foley catheters. I have been using a supra pubic catheter for a while now … Anyone out there know about using gentamicin with a indwelling SP tube?
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    Here's a link (thanks to annev308) to University of Michigan urology dept instructions for instillation in indwelling catheters

    so there must be some support and evidence for using with indwelling catheters

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