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Thread: Low effort steering - Pacifica

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    Low effort steering - Pacifica

    I heard low effort steering for Pacifica's is ridiculously expensive. Anyone else confirm that it runs more than $7500? It has electronic steering which is a little more stiff than those that are just a pump. I could see some not being able to go with the Pacifica because of this issue. It's to bad as the Pacifica is real nice. To bad this isn't an option from the auto manufacturer.

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    From the factory they could give you options as how easy you want the steering wheel to move by a simple button or a dial. Like easy,normal ,stiff and such. They give you all kinds of heating and cooling for each seat. They sure as hell do it for steering.

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    I'd like to know the parts and procedure needed to do the $7500 job. This would be fun for to research.
    If it's electronic, it has a controller and servo like motor to assist. Reprogram/flash the controller? If the steering rack ratio is different, that's the only thing that should need changed.
    Not familiar with that system but $7500 seems awfully expensive.
    If it's drive by wire (no direct mechanical link), I wouldn't want it.
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