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I Googled Everstart Platinum AGM 65 battery.
Without prejudice, you CAN find anything on the net!
I find it incredible that any battery could falloff it's own fault this consistently; almost as unusual as AWest's two Interstates shitting the bed!
Long stories abridged:
*I had 4 batteries, customer supplied (which I resisted) from Autozone, that apparently were filled with water. Hydrometer showed nothing. 4th batt, I put meter on it before install w/customer and boss watching as I >demanded<, near nothing volts. Was ordered to charge it, I did all day, hydrometer still showed nothing! Customer and boss were pissed at me (some people hate being wrong).
*Ford Ranger 2300 eng, bad starter, tried to sell a Delco, customer got Autozone w/lifetime warranty for more than 1/2 price. Each of the 3 I put on lasted 1-2 weeks. Since my install was not at fault, I charged labor each time. When the 3rd failed, he said, "i've spent enough to have gotten the Delco". "Yep, I tried to tell you", I replied". Sceptical so many starters were bad, again my reputation was questioned. Just to prove my point and I felt sorry for the kid, I put a Delco on it for cost and no charge labor. The kid never doubted me again and became a good customer along with his family.

ANYTHING electrical/electronic from Autozone is a gamble with odds not in your favor. I replaced so many of their ignition modules, starters, alts, etc (distributor), more than I can count. Infant mortality (engineers term) is very short with TwiliteZone electric/electronic stuff. Most times customer would say, "XXXX Shop just replaced that part."
If you buy ANYTHING from them, make sure it's a name brand part that can be found at every other parts source. Their lifetime warranty is a scam.